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Living Framework House is programmed to be a highly efficient, full-time dwelling for a couple with the flexibility to comfortably house their two grown children on vacations. An indoor/outdoor connection is established through the use of the living green volume that runs the full height of the house. The living green volume is one of two organizing elements, or framework, in the home. The development sits on a former runway for the old Stapleton Airport. Narrow and tall, the house holds dialogue with the form of the original Stapleton flight control tower which can be viewed from the home’s decks. The alley entrance to the home incorporates aluminum sheeting recycled from aircraft bodies, providing another connection to local history. Winter sun penetrates the entire space, allowing the radiant floors to serve as thermal mass, and providing natural daylight in the home year-round. During the summer months, the large green living wall works with the louvers and roof overhangs to provide ample shade. Portions of the facade are made up of photovoltaic glass and louver systems to control solar gain. Rainwater is directed to the green wall, where it filters down to cistern in the underground garage, aiding the irrigation of landscaping and the green wall.

The design was completed for the Denver Architectural League's Modern House Ideas Competition, sponsored by AIA Colorado, Modern In Denver Magazine, and Room & Board. This design won the Honor Award.

The project also won third place in Colorado Biz Magazine’s Sustainable Design Awards (CSDA) for residential design in 2011.

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