Hangar 41, LLC
825 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204


Hangar 41 is an architectural design firm with a broad focus of expertise in creating places to gather, dwell, learn, work and play. Our staff is made up of passionate architects, developers, master planners, and interior designers. Hangar 41 has been built upon the principles of sustainable practice, integrated project delivery, building information modeling and community service. We are founded on a commitment to creating Architecture that inspires and enhances the lives of all those touched by our work. We help our clients build a strong vision for their projects grounded on function and enlivened by meaning.

Hangar 41 has defined an effective way to practice architecture based on the integrated project delivery model. Our company structure was developed on a platform that promotes collaboration and fosters a think-tank environment. We believe establishing a common project vision with our clients and consultants in the very beginning fosters efficient and effective project development. We have an open and inclusive process, and subject our ideas to client and user critiques that ensure the needs of the project are fulfilled. Each project is a new beginning. We build on past project experience, but generate a new language for every design that is specific to our clients’ needs and building context.

Our leadership has over 80 years of combined experience in architectural practice at some of the top firms in the country. We define success by the relationships we form, and lives we affect while designing, constructing, and experiencing the places we create. Our business model gives our staff a vested interest in Hangar 41, fueling the drive to succeed, creating accountability on every project. Using a think-tank environment, we promote innovation, strong team communication, and excellence in design. Great projects can only be created by developing strong team relationships. In the end, the project goals and objectives shape the design, not arbitrary decisions or preconceived aesthetics.

Denver, Colorado
825 Santa Fe Dr.
Denver, CO 80204

The first friday of every month is an open house for our art gallery / architecture studio. Think of it as “casual friday” with wine and art. We rotate in some of the most talented artists in the Santa Fe Arts District of Denver, CO and around the country, and occasionally we feature live music by local bands and DJs. It is a very casual, light-hearted atmosphere with the intent of exposing some of our very talented neighbors, and meeting some fantastic new people in our community.

The Hangar Gallery has a Facebook page HERE

What is “First Friday”? (youtube video)

Hangar 41, LLC is an innovative architecture firm in the heart of the Art District on Santa Fe in Denver, Colorado. Our studio promotes research based critical thinking, encouraging a collaborative think-tank design culture, and integrated project delivery. At the Hangar we are always interested in speaking to talented individuals with a passion for architecture, strong design skills, and a comprehensive understanding of construction - coupled with the ability to bring design ideas to reality.

Hangar 41 is currently pursuing Project Manager, Project Architect, and Architectural Intern positions in-house at this time, we are very interested in meeting talented and like minded professionals for the future.  Please send a digital copy of your resume and portfolio to mycareer@hangar-41.com